My boyfriend & I: Gift Suggestions

Hey everyone,

My birthday is in a few months and my boyfriend wanted to pay for my tattoo as a gift, but now we both agreed that I get nipple piercings!

So, a follow up post will be put up (but in a few months) all about piercings and how to take care of them, cost, etc.

I’m really excited because I am getting them done after we get back from a cruise, but like come on. Now I don’t know what to get him for his birthday, which is after mine.

Any ideas on birthday gifts for him? Which he would love anything I gave him, but I would love ideas from others. 🙂

Just a universal kind of gift that anyone could get their boyfriend would be lovely.

For ex: He has gotten me tennis shoes, I have gotten him a wall art surf board. He got me something kind of universal everyone likes & I got him something he specifically liked, but now I’m asking for universal gifts or sweet ideas/things to do! Even if it isn’t a gift, but a romantic thing to do!

Greatly appreciated!