How to: Take Care of Yourself.


Did I get that in your head? I hope so.

We all need to learn that our mental as well as physical health isn’t something that should be taken lightly. It is something to be taken seriously at least it should be. I’m here to help! I can’t magically make anxiety disappear, or weight & I can’t make you do any of things I’m going to mention, but I can sure as hell help inform you & I hope that you take it seriously.

I know you have heard “love yourself, before you can love anyone else” before and that is true, BUT it can also be contradicting. Let’s Dive in!

First step to getting better: YES admit you need help! Admit you are stressed! You want to learn to better yourself mentally as well as physically. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. Also, note that we all google this kind of thing. We all need these things from time to time. So take a deep breath…..hold………release and keep reading.

Physical Health (Just as important as mental health)

  • Water. Drink it. You will always hear this and you always should. If you think ‘I’ve had enough’ you probably haven’t. Water is very important, ok? I promise that drinking plenty of water EVERY SINGLE DAY is going to help improve alot of things for you including: Energy, Health (obv.) & self-esteem. Water replenishes. So drink.
  • Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. This affects it all. Get at least 7 hours. AT LEAST. Do NOT on the other hand get too many. I personally keep my sleep hours in-between 7 hours and 8 1/2. I try to keep it within that range.
    • Also, sleep schedule. Have one. Going to bed and waking up at roughly or exactly the same time every day will help you sleep better and feel better throughout the day. Try it out, it’ll help.
  • Exercise. You knew it was coming. It really is important. Walking to class or around work really isn’t enough. It’s better than sitting all day, but it’s not THAT much better. I’m not telling you that you must go to the gym for 6o min. 5 times a week because that is very unrealistic for most of us that work and go to school, etc. but sure as hell get up take a jog (1 mile), stretch and/or take a yoga class. Yoga is very good for you if nothing else! At least fit in some exercise in your daily routine though and I promise you will start feeling better after a week.
  • Grooming. Yes, it’s important. Helps us look and feel better physically as well as helping us mentally. (Higher self-esteem).
    • Yes, doing your hair will you make you feel better. Really it will.
    • Even when you aren’t going anywhere get out of your Pjs it is proven to help improve and boost your self confidence and just make you feel more empowered.
    • Brush your teeth. When you forget and then you brush them you know you feel better, so make sure to brush them twice a day. Don’t forget to floss! 😉
    • Shower. Whether it be in the morning or at night. Try not to miss a shower. You usually feel gross and then if you have to go out you are most self conscious, etc. I know, trust me.
    • Clean up them finger/toe nails. I promise I promise I promise. Clean or clean as well as painted nails will make you feel better! Something about it is so satisfying to us that we feel sooo much better about our selves when we go from dirty un-clipped nails to looking at our lovely painted nails randomly at Taco Bell and smiling to ourselves. Just find the time to do it.

MENTAL HEALTH: (Relax. Close your eyes. Breathe.)

  • Get sleep. You heard me earlier. I’m serious.
  • Helping people! Yes, you gotta love to feel better. Opening a freaking door and someone smiling makes me feel 100%. Hold a door open. Pick something up for someone. Love others and I promise loving yourself comes easier.
  • Find YOU time. I know we all have so much to do, but you time is very important time. Whether you want to soak in a bath (which is also very calming and good for your mental health) or lay outside in the yard (which is ALSO very good for your mental health to be outside in the sunshine.) or read a book. Yes do that. Even if you think you hate to read. You probably don’t. You just haven’t found your type of books. Explore.
  • Smile. Smiling really does boost our self confidence and just help us feel better overall.
  • Indulge. Whether that be shopping or getting yourself a massage it really feels good to indulge on something.
  • Take a small trip. By yourself or with a friend whatever you would like, but I promise if you find the time to spontaneously take a tiny trip maybe to the beach that’s only an hour away or somewhere you like you will fell so much better! I did this the other day & let me tell you being SO stressed out as I was with 6 classes and work and etc just randomly going to the beach, laying on a towel & listening to the waves crash was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I do this every semester actually and it helps me so much!
  • Compliment yourself. Tell yourself “My feelings are important.” “If it bothers me that much  it matters” Focus on things you really love about yourself for ex: You have really soft hair, really pretty natural nails, you are so naturally smart, you excel in science or drawing, you have a beautiful eye color, cutest shoulder freckles (me lol I love my shoulder freckles), You can hoola hoop for literally ever, you are a great dance, you can read fast, you have an incredible vocabulary. Love yourself. Even when you think it is soooo hard. I promise that the only thing people find sad about you is nothing. They love you even when you dont love yourself, but stand infront of the mirror and talk (aloud) and tell yourself you feel good and are going to have an amazing day!
  • Dance. Dancing literally improves your life. I can’t dance well personally, but i’ll turn that music up in my room and go to town and I feel so good after! Do it! just turn it up and dance your heart out.


When you walk into a busy room and think people are judging you I want you to think this every single time (It’s what helped me alot anyway) : Why would these people only focus on me? Why am I thinking they are all talking about me? There is not one reason I should be the center of attention right now. I’m not the only one in the room and I’m not the only focus in the room. Recognize your worth because I promise you are an amazing human being with a lot of adventures to take on 🙂

RELAX. Close your eyes and breathe…




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