Health and Fitness: For people new to the gym.

Hey everyone,

I have been going to the gym for a few years now and I still am not 100% confident when I walk in or in what I am doing, but I have great tips for starting off, small tips & for after the gym. Stay tuned.

Before going to the gym:

It is best to find a gym partner someone who can help keep you motivated or someone you like to motivate. Either way it goes it is most definitely helpful. Secondly, figure out the best times to go to the gym during the week that you & your partner (if you have one) are least likely to cancel on and make sure you at least have an hour or more time within that time frame. Before going to the gym make sure you have proper fitting tennis shoes because wearing the wrong tennis shoes can cause problems during or after workouts. Sports bras (wear them) They are very helpful when running, very.

Small tips for the gym:

Do a warm up every time to prepare your muscles for the rest of the workout. A 5-10 minute jog is always a good warm up. I personally use an elliptical because I’m not a fan of treadmills. Also, when working out you can and I support working on one part of your body a day (I’m sure you have heard of leg day) , BUT do no go into the gym in general only wanting to work on your stomach for example. If you are trying to lose weight focus on everything gradually instead of one specific body part because that just doesn’t happen. Also, when you are done with a machine or yoga mat for instance there are usually wet wipes to wipe the machine down and please do it. You wouldn’t want to lay on someone’s sweaty mat would you? So, just wipe them off and throw it away. Lastly, after a workout and multiple times the day after, etc. stretch! You will be very tight after working out and stretching will more or less relieve the pain and your muscles won’t feel so tight after.

P.S Head phones definitely help me at the gym ; Deodorant is always nice as well.

After the gym:

SHOWER. I can not fret this enough. Acne on the back and chest is not fun (If you have it naturally I AM SO SORRY. I will  talk about acne in another post) but showering is a must. Do not hold off on the shower (even if you are just rinsing off) just because you don’t like public showers. Bring some flip-flops, your own towel and just hop in that shower. You will thank me later.

Good luck! The gym gets better and better after seeing results, so keep pushing once you start! Happy lifting 🙂


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